.he's so irking.

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ah. i am so irked right now. ok. this is the convo that i just had with this guy that i don't really like, but i'm not mean enough to tell him go away lol. here it is:

john: what is the truth?

me: huh? ah the truth. i'm still finding that out.

john: ask me i know the truth

me: you know the truth? ok. if you know the truth then, why don't i like guys?

john: i thought you were bi? and because most guys aren't nice

me: yea i am. but i might be actually leaning more to just girls. and i already knew that already about guys.

john: hmmm. maybe you have not hung out with any guys you like

me: i don't like any guys. i see them more as friends.

john: you know a lot of guys?

me: yea i know a lot of guys.

john: you don't find any attrative at all?

me: nah i think some are cute. but i don't see myself with any of

john: no. haha. your lying to yourself. you gotta at least be bi. i think

me: ah. i'm lying to myself? alright. i'm bi then.

john: that's right now never forget the truth. the end

me: how am i goin to forget the truth comin from you. must be crazy. shiit (btw i meant this in a sarcastic way lol)

john: thats right again! wow. your good. now that you like guys you need to buy more stuff than pants.

...omg i swear he irks me. damn this is one reason i don't really like guys. especially him. shiit. he makes like he knows everything. can't leave me & my sexuality alone. so what if i don't really like guys. sucks for him. ah. am i wrong? if i am then someone tell me.


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Ignore him

He's not worth getting pissed at. He can go fuck himself.

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yeah i know. but it just made

yeah i know. but it just made me mad.

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"

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I say do him and once he's fi

I say do him and once he's finished tell him "Yep, I was right, I don't like guys"! lol, no that's mean, but he just doesn't have a head big enough to find the space for meanings like "gay", does he? Trying to convert you... Or maybe he's just playin' stupid.

Girl, I accept you the way you are. In fact, I prefer you this way. Does it count???

I just want somebody listening to what I say...

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haha that would be mean, but

haha that would be mean, but kinda funnie. idk i don't even want to think about him. aw thanks, yea that counts lol =)

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"