hmm so i was thinking

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okay everyone this is tro declare that yes iv lost my mind. apparently thats what the new prest thinks, i told him.. hmm :(


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So are you an extremely religious person???just wonderin, cuz' you keep going to So by the sounds of it, the first priest was a cool guy, who told you to accept yourself and that god would forgive your sins, right? And this new priest is telling you the opposite-that you are a heretic, homosexuality is wrong, and you will be among those in Psalm 95 to never enter the kingdom of heaven...Hmmm, I think the first priest may have been hiding something, which may be why he was so nice to for the second, I wouldn't take what he says to heart...sometimes priests can be asses, and nothing but...
And as for losing your mind, you still seem sane to me...

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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hmm true. No! im not EXTREML

hmm true.
No! im not EXTREMLY religouse. im just the only person in my family who actually attends church willingliy, u no how the parents rag the kids to church every sunday? Well with my family its me draging my parents to church. Usually i end up going on my own....

Yeah i think preists can be assholes. HELLLOOO!!! im like an angel compared to everyone else at my school, i mean out of 987 kids at my school, only 4 attend church, the reest pffffttttt!

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lisa babe u've lost u'r mind

lisa babe u've lost u'r mind ages ago, and...u'r a cat