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I finally got to play again yesterday after being gone with my abscess all last week. It was really hot yesterday like it has been all of last week but I went the the field anyway and I got to suit up and play goalie and Perry was there. It was so much fun! On my way home, I met up with this random guy at a stoplight and he said that his ex was on the field hockey team a couple years ago. I asked who, and it was PERRY! He went all the way to the front of my house with me. Pretty cool!
Today was really nice. under 100 for the first time all week so people have been dying and passing out and being really uncomfortable. I got to dye Will's hair purple and paint his and Kevin's nails.
Good day.


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hell yeah

hellla good day.
I love you!

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
- Jimi Hendrix