How Can Such A Bad Day End On Such A Good Note?

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yesterday was terrible jeez like first my crush tells me she wants to get closer to god thenmy basketball goes flat, then i go to the movies and not see a movie and gosh i hate that but through all thats my day ended great first of i had pizza for dinner then talk to my very bestfriend and my crush asks me to go to the fireworks wit her....turns out that out of the three people she sed she couldnt be friends wit unless they change, me being one, that she wanted us to be friends the most so yeah im good i still cant believe ir cuase one of the other girls is really good but has had sex and drinks alchol then the other is a sex addict,and hasnt even had sex but does everything sexual,and gets high and drink, but me who has commited the bigest sin by bein of cours a lesbian, she still wants our relationship wow.

P.S: all she wanted from me was to not cus so im cool. they still a chance do yall think so!!