I can't breathe

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I can’t breathe.
I’m not being metaphoric, I’m serious. I really can’t breathe. I got asthma and this fucking weather doesn’t really help at all. It’s so damn hot (the bad way) and I can’t really do anything about it. Air-condition doesn’t cut it too, the air is too fake to help most of the time.

At first, you feel like there’s not enough air for you. Which is ridiculous because you know the world is full of air, but you still feel it. You gasp for breath but you can’t. There’s something blocking it, something that stops it from filling you with life.

And then you panic. You know all you have to do is calm down and the air will flow through you again, but you can’t help it. Thousands of thoughts cross your mind in a jiffy: “This is how I’m gonna die


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o I feel sorry for you. that

o I feel sorry for you. that sounds really bad. if you are not bothered by it you don't even notice all the problems which there could be. Like me, breathing, I don't usually even realize that it goes just fine. (As I assume goes for most people who don't have Asthma.)
A few weeks ago I had a terrible back ache. I could not even walk, only tiny steps. And even with the most tiny steps I felt the pain almost made walking impossible, because every time I moved one leg foreward the pain swelled.
hm, that's over now luckily. and I'm sorry that Asthma is not simpy over after a few days/weeks. I just brought it up because walking, like breathing is another of these things with which you're only bothered when they don't work.
Hope the weather getts cooler at your place soon, so you won't suffer so much from Asthma.

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Hey. Enjoy that breathless feeling.I used to have bad asthma. I hope you get through all right mate

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I *hate* that breathless feel

I *hate* that breathless feeling... It's so constant I've started wondering if I'm a vampire lol! It's so annoying... Jojojo u r right about not appreciating such common things as walking or breathing until we lose them. I've always appreciated breathing a lot more than others... I remember when I was a little child, I always feared that I would have an asthma crisis when I would be sleeping and not be able to use the spray and die without anyone noticing... It was so frightening... At least now I know it doesn't work that way, if I can't breathe I wake up.

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ugh i know what you mean--it'

ugh i know what you mean--it's so horrible when the asthma acts up

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Me Too!

Ack, I know what you mean! I have asthma too. They really need to find some kind of cure for it because it's torture. Gosh. Btw, great way of describing on how asthma feels. People ask me what it feels like and all I say is, "Hard to breathe."

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i have diabetes not asthma, w

i have diabetes not asthma, which is way cooler, so that's just another reason why adam is cooler than sway. tehe
....hope you feel better soon
take care

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Well, my personal opinion, bu

Well, my personal opinion, but neither asthma nor diabetes are cool. So we both are not cool. lol

Hey, it's better now. The weather's cold here, it's even rained a bit, so *finally* there's some fresh air and I don't feel this pain on my chest from trying to breathe (at summer, I usually feel it all the time and it gets just worse when asthma attacks)!!

I just want somebody listening to what I say...