I did it! I came out!

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OMG, I did it.
I came out to my best friend.

Ok, so it went kinda like this… She’s leaving on Monday for her vacation, so we went out to have a good-bye night. We started with coffee. Once we sat there, I kinda led the conversation to gay people and movies and asked her opinion about it. So, once she told me (once again) she could never have a problem with someone for something they didn’t choose and can’t change, I changed the subject, trying to not make her suspect anything, as I was still not sure if I would go through with it.

But, when she was about to say good-bye, I stopped talking, as I decided this was it. And we started this conversation…

HER “Is something wrong?


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so cool...

omg thats so awsome......congrats....

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Right on!

Congratulations dude!

And all I know for sure
All I know for real
Is knowing doesn't mean so much
When placed against the feeling
The heat inside
When bodies meet
When fingers touch
-The Sisters Of Mercy, Some Kind Of Stranger

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Yay! Congratulations! Isn't i

Yay! Congratulations! Isn't it a great feeling? Yay!

Indifference is the strongest force in the universe. It makes everything it touches meaningless. Love and hate don't stand a chance against it.

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congrats..thats awesome Do

congrats..thats awesome

Don't feel the need to define me...I can define myslef

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YAY!!!!!!!!!! Good for you!!! I'm glad you have someone who is able to accept you so unconditionally, we all need someone like that in our lives. But YAY!

"Persuasive speech, and more persuasive sighs,
Silence that spoke, and eloquence of eyes."
- The Iliad (bk. XX, l. 315), (Bryant's translation)

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That's awesome. I'm glad that

That's awesome. I'm glad that your comming out happened like that.

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Damn good

A damn good coming out man

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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sif! i'm still cooler than yo

sif! i'm still cooler than you!

...but congrats sway hoe! happy for ya hope u feel better about it all now, told ya the face to face approach is better, geeze i'm wise!
take care

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No way, I'm way cooler, Adam!

No way, I'm way cooler, Adam! lol

(What does sif mean? Sorry, I'm not really good with the internet lang - you've also said sth like rofl before?... What's that, too?)

I just want somebody listening to what I say...

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sif - as if rofl - roll on t

sif - as if
rofl - roll on the floor laughing
yay i'm a teacher now!
btw i'm coooler!

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OK, whatever you say, Adam! -

OK, whatever you say, Adam! -> I let the mad people live in their madness, they live more happily this way ROFL :)

I just want somebody listening to what I say...