.i just don't know what to do.

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what do you do when your torn between two people?

idk. my love life is weird. when one person goes out of it, another person comes in. ok. well in my other post i explained about the girl that i met about a week or two ago and how she started to ignore me and stuff. well i met someone else and she's really coo, we have a lot in common and it feels like i already know her from somewhere but i can't seem to put my finger on it lol. but well i'm beginning to like her and all i can think about is...her. Then, yesterday the other girl called me up and asked why i didn't call her anymore and stuff, but its weird 'cause i ended up talking to her friend who told me that I was all that she would talk about and he wanted to know if i'd go out with her.

The suckie part is that i told him that i would. damn. i hate it how i can put away all my emotions for someone and hope that it won't come back out again, and eventually it does. so now i'm stuck between two people who've i begun to like and i don't want to end up having someone hurt in the end. it being me or one of them. i just hate it. but i think that if i was to make a decision, i would pick the girl that i just met because i feel more...idk myself when talking to her. i just hope that in the end someone is happy. it doesn't have to be me. idk. its really messed up. i put myself in the most hardest situations and end up doing something stupid in the end. always.

i just don't know what to do.