I know that someone here is going to not like this entry

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Not to sure where to start. My mind is like crazy and it's all the fault of going to this camp as a one on one worker. Which btw was aweseome. I had alot of fun..met some hot girls and guys. I got to do some cool things I had never done before, LIke zipline...that was awesome. Scary though. The only problem with the camp was that it was very very Mennonite. Which is fine in someways, but it was awkward. I found that i felt really out of place. It's not that I have anything against being mennonite, it's jsut that they seem to be alot more embracing of christianity than people who are United do(which I am) ( for those of you who are going wtf??? Christianity has many subcatagories so to speak and each is a little different) I believe in god adn I embrace it to my own degreee, but parts of jsut think that the bible has some really disagreeable things in it. I beleive that the bible is the words of god, but that some parts where maybe interpreted wrong.
So this entry really doesn't make alot of sense and I am really good at that, but it makes sense to me ands making me feel slightly better and my head feels alittle lighter. Feels good to get it out. IF you got questions on what i am actually rying to say feel free to ask i will try adn explain...


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right there with you

ya i never grew up in a real religious home yet the last couple of years i have come to really be religious and i beleive in god and the bible and stuff but i also think that interpreting the bible literally is something we probably shouldnt do. yes its the "living word" and many things ring true today, but some things are just not valid. when your husband dies only marry his brother or whatever it says. dont eat certain types of fish. who interprets what is right and wrong? im not sure. i think the individual.A realationship with god is a very personal thing who can tell me that its not valid because im gay. my realationship with god is not subject on my race orgin or sexual orientation. ok ive rambled long enough. im soprry i kinda got carried away. most gay friends of mine wont touch the issue of religion. i just dont see why they have to constantly be in war against each other. why cant i be gay and a christain. rrrr ok sorry. im done venting.

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kewl that you have a faith.

You must read the first page of the bible...no not
the first book of the bible but the first page
which is called a preface...
in it you will read the the bible is a book written
by man, Interperted by man...is not the word of God
and should not be taken literally...Yes that is there
The bible is a great guide for living for all of us..
however times have changed since it was written so we have to
change with the times too...
God is with us all in many ways...and in many places.
But he wants us to do things on our own and not to rely
on him for everything...Hence the guide book...
Keep a faith all of you.
(Ps that is REV Oldfoxbob btw)
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u know, im opposite alot of p

u know, im opposite alot of people. i was raised in a home that wasnt overly religious, but we did go to church from time to time, but not like, every sunday like clockwork. and it was very u should believe in god, but we wont force it. and i always really believed in god, just becasue i though i was suppost to. and it really hit me this year that i dont think that. i think the bible is a hypocritical pile of crap. and hey, ive got my own beliefs i dotn need a book to tell me about it, and i dont need to get together with 200 people either. im still not sure about god... tahts questionable, but i do believe in an afterlife, although i dont believe in heaven or hell, i believe everyone goes to the same place, and wait for family to come, then are sent back to earth in another life. i have my own beliefs, i really dont believe in organized religion, becasue its sooo..... so....idk, very much u have to follow one way. i have my own beliefs, i dont believe in alot of christianity.... so yeah, thats my rant...

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