I Lost My Heart In a Dream...I think....i dont know if this is a journal or a peom so im goin to put other!!!!

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This really weird thing has happened last nite i had this like,you sleep but ur woke kinda dream,well before i went to sleep i was a little....ok lets cut the bullshit.. i was really hurt and sad last nite cuz i was thinkin bout my crush well then something entered my mind rite before i went to sleep: im not goin to get her cuz the boy is sapose to get the girl not the..girl. then i go to sleep and i have this dream...

Im sittin in the darkness beside a broken broom
im alone untill a mirrow show...i have no face
no eyes no ears no nose i trace
i drop the mirriow it breakes
in the side i see my face
i pick up the broom and oh how i think im doom
the broom is my face all my features traced
i pick it up..."wat r u lookin at" it sed
"you trew me away and now im dead" i say wit my mouth agape
"i trew nothing away" the broom luaghed wit such dread wit that it say
"look u fool,u missing a tool...rite there between ur breast is a emptied chest.

and then i wake up and im like ok that was stupid... well i go to my computer,wanting to talk to my bestfriend(whos my crush), but she not on usually i would feel hurt by now but...im not then i remeber she went to her boyfriends house to watch movies by now i would feel anger and hut but...again...i dont...do yall think its posisable it trew or locked away my heart???cuz today ive been feelin light myself but lite!!?? watcha think??