I still love you

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I shouldnt think about you
but thats something i cant do.
living in a dream of you and me
is not the way my life should be
and you never cared about my tears
or my fears
and even though you cheated on me
and made it so easy to see
i wish you would still love me the way
i love you and i wish you never walked away
and you promised yourself
but to somebody else
and you put a dart
through my heart.
there isnt anything i wouldnt do
to just be with you again
i never thought our relationship would end.
i know we could have worked things out
taking time is what love is all about
i dont wanna cry a rear for you
so forgive me if i do
i reallly wanna know what we did wrong
with the love that felt so strong


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wow I like. I can totally rel

wow I like. I can totally relate to it.