i think she knows

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so i've kind of become good friends w/ the girl i have a crush on (see previous journals), which im realy happy about. the other day, the day before yesterday, i think, i was IMing her and asking her what all her favorite things were. i asked her what her deepest, darkest secret was, and she said, "i'll tell you, if you tell me who the girl is" (she knows i have a crush on a girl, she just hasnt been able to figure it out yet) so i said, "o, well, then forget it." so then she started asking me questions about her, and some of them i couldnt say because if i did, she would figure out that it was her. then, all of a sudden, she goes, "gasp. i know who it is!" and im like, "who?" and then, she does this really weirdo thing, she types her name, but backwards. i didnt get it the first time, but after she typed it a few more times, i realized it, but i didnt let her know that i got it. i suppose in some ways im relieved that she finally figured it out w/o me having to tell her, but im nervous as to where this is going to lead. yesterday, i was IMing her again, and it went something like this:

Me: so tell me more about "aicirt" lol. does she go to our school?
Her: yeah
Me: hmm. what grade is she in?
Her: ours
Me: how do you know her if i dont? we are talking human, right?
Her: NO. she is an elephant!
Me: then youre definitely wrong, im not in love with an elephant
Her: yes you are
Me: what makes you so sure?
Her: the elephant
Me: did this elephant tell you im in love w/ her?
Her: yeah
Me: well, then she's a lying sack of potatoes
Her: no, shes an elephant
Me: well, shes a lying elephant
Her: NO, shes just an elephant!

and so on. so, as you can see. im in a very weird place. but, o well. i handled it before, i can try to handle it again. who knows? maybe we can give it another go.