I'm feeling suicidal right now...

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I need somebody to like SLAP me rite now. I really need to snap out of it. A few hours ago, I was commenting on 808Chik’s journal entry, rambling about how we shouldn’t give up and yet here I am taking the fall.

I’m listening to depressing music again and I’m having forbidden thoughts. Razorblades and bleeding wrists, pills and water… I’m actually considering this for the first time. Yeah, I’ve thought of this before but I was like “yeah, but I won’t


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You do need to snap out if this!!! Therapy is always good, but if that's not your thing I reccomend talking to someone you trust about this. You shouldn't have to go through this all alone.

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Dude snap out of this!You are talking about all the people you are going to meet when you are dead,what about all the people you still have left to meet while you are alive?
Ok so right now you are feeling like life is pointless,but you need to snap out of it and start looking for something that is going to make it feel worthwhile.
I have felt really down like this before,but I hung on and it wasn't just one thing that made me feel better,it was a combination of small things that just started to make life seem worthwhile.Please believe me dude it may take a while but believe me life will start to seem worthwhile if you stay around long enough to let it.
I hope you hear what I'm saying and stay safe dude please!

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God hasn't given up on you and he never will. He only gives you what you can handle. So he must believe that ypou are a strong enough person to handle your thoughts. Talk to someone you trust adn who cares about you. Make yourself really busy with things to do..get your mind off it. I think that even if you feel thsi way that you can pull yourself out of it with some help..People here give good advice so ask forit and we will help

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Damn it, What the hell is going on here...suddenly I'm feeling fine and everyone else is getting suicidal and or depressed...WTF???? I mean, seriously, I've been doing alright the past few weeks and now, 808 chick, deepspace, you and even hyacinthus are getting low and down....Jeez, I should go back to being all depressed and suicidal and then everyone on here would be fine again...lol.
Seriously tho dude, feel better...I know that this sounds weird coming from a manic-depressive, ptsd, suicidal feeling psycho like me, but maybe you should talk to a therapist...And as for the death intrigueing (sp?) you stuff, I can relate to that to, but feel better dude, and keep listening to depressing, angry music...from experience, I can tell you that it actually helps me hold onto life and onto reality...feel better man...message me if you want . peace.


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hey you. damn. yeah i know sheesh how can you do that to me? tell me everythings alright & i shouldn't give up! dude. after i read your comment, i actually felt good. i started thinking of all the things i was gonna change just so i can be a little happier. && now your in the position i was in not too long ago. wake up dude. *SLAP* we're all here to help you especially me. and if you need a therapist i'll go see 'um with you if you need.

but please. don't go down that road. think of all the people you would leave behind who love you & care for you. think of your future & what could lie ahead. never, i say, NEVER GIVE UP!
you told me not to, so i'm telling you not to. ok?

and if you need to talk more. message me or something. we're all friends, help each other out. no matter how screwed up we all are, we're there for each other.

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*PUNCH* did that wake you up?

hey man dont give up whats so bad that you feel you have to run away because suicide is running away i slit my wrists a couple of years ago because my girlfriend and i got in a fight my best friend moved to some other state and everybody in the school found out i was bi-sexual.any way my mom found me in the bath room bleeding with a knife in my hand and took me to the hospital. what i did was stupid it was irrational because the next day you know what happened my girlfriend called to say she was sorry and we got back together she even visited me in the hospital my best friend came to visit me and he said he was moving back here cause his dad said he could live with his grandma and every thing else got better after that my live isnt perfect still
but no ones life is.
what im saying if you kill yourself now when everything seems like crap youll never be around to see the world when everything gets better imean it has to get worse before it gets better like a cold.
if your still awake after reading my long ass story just remember i dont even know you and im writing you this but theres always someone who loves you someone who cant live if your gone think about your mom or your family or your friends someone loves you a bad day is 24 hours
but suicide is forever aiight say strong bro lates

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If you don't want to stay on Earth for yourself...stay for all the people who would miss you if you died. Have you ever stopped to consider how many lives you've touched? Try it sometime.

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I almost did it. God, I almos

I almost did it. God, I almost did it... I actually held the razorblade and then I just... stopped. I hadn't read any of the comments, but I just stopped and said... "What the hell? Live another day, see how it goes". I'm still here.

God, I'm so screwed... I can't believe I almost did it. I've never gotten this far before, I mean Never, but yesterday... It was just too much to handle, all this sorrow and depression, I was home alone, all my friends were on vacation, they still are and I couldn't talk to anyone, I just wanted to stop...

Fuck. I didn't do it though. *breathes* I'm still feeling a lil weird. It was really dark, those thoughts, they're scaring me. I don't want to panic anymore. I want to snap out of this. I want, I want to feel like life is worth it.

I'm gonna tell my mom I wanna go to a therapist first thing tomorrow. I just dont know what to tell her if she asks "Why".

I just want somebody listening to what I say...

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hey man. i'm glad you didn't

hey man. i'm glad you didn't do it. & you have tons of people you can talk to here. i hope the whole therapist thing goes well for you. things will get better. just think positive. NEVER GIVE UP!

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"