Im Scared Seriously!! In Fact Ive Never Been This Scared In My Life!!!

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ok i plan on tellin my crush i like them next friday and well i wrote them it in a note but next friday i wont be here so i told my freind to give it to them when they see them next friday at tha movies so yeah??
but like im really scared cuz like i dont know wat she will do i mean she knows im gay and knows that i have a crush but she doesnt know its her so yeah i wish i had a copy of the note cuz now i cant remeber it so yeah im super scared i told her at the bottom of the note to call me or get on msn but you know yeah!!!

in other news last nite me and my friends were talkin bout the word dyke ,they know im gay so its wasnt all like hey shes a dyke or i hate dyke it was jus wat the word meant to them, well one of my friends sed to them it ment like girls who dress like guys and im like dont ever call me that inspecifics dont ever call anyone that when im around but if we r jus playin and u say that i will get mad.. so yeah

jus like sway sed only the same sex to him...i realy want a girlfriend its jus i live in some town brownwood surrounded by even more smalltown towns so yeah my chances of findin a gf r slim atleast i think so but yeah i really want one cuz like when my friends r all like talkin bout they peoples i wwont be able to talk bout mine cuz i dont have one jeez and some r like kamaria if u cant get a girl go get a boy and im like i dont want one rite now i want a girl so yeah i fell kinda lonely and jus yeah lol


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That does sound a bit scary.

That does sound a bit scary. But you're farther along than I am. I haven't even come out to my friends yet. So good for you. And good luck. ^-^

Yeah. Who needs guys right? XD (Just Kidding. >_>') I hope things go well for you. =3