Independent Love

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I wrote this because so many people write about the pain of breaking up with a close friend, I thought we could use a few more positive poems out there. I think I did a better job on the ending than the beginning so please read the whole thing.

You left me
I weep and cry
I miss you and I'm asking why
But when this heartbreak's over and done
I'll still be here, my own number one
"If you leave me I'll die!"
That's all I get
What ever happened to self respect?
Yes it hurts
but I'm still on my feet
Tapping and dancing to my own heartbeat
You've done me wrong
But I'm learning to forgive
I'm going to move on
Got my whole life to live
As sunlight fills my lungs and the wind blows my hair
Rain soaks my skin, music fills the air
Toes race through grass and my soul is free
Diving through waves of a laughing sea
I'm singing this song as loud as I can sing
Flying though life on independent wings
Loving the world, I feel so alive
Say it with me now

Please comment, I don't post things on here all that often so I'd like to know what you think. Also if you have any ideas on how to change or improve it let me now! Happy July!