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I'm going to have a second interview at Baubles and Beads sometime this week, I have to wait for the call.... The position is only part time but she said I could get anywhere from 20-30 hours a week which isn't so bad. I'd have to take three different classes as part of my training but I would get paid for them which sounds pretty awesome--what with my love of the beads. I like this potential job more and more, so much in fact that I am seriously considering commuting from Oakland to San Rafael on weekends for it, just so that I won't have been a complete liar in my interview.

I have another interview at Petco on wednesday at 2.00 and the manager I spoke with sounds super nice...the now hiring sign is also gone from their window and I know it was there last wednesday which means that they're probably done taking applications. I'm going to leave at around 11.00 on wednesday because it's about a 30 min. walk from where I'm staying with my sister so that I can apply at Tuesday Morning which is in the same shopping center. They have this in store online application/interview thing and I don't know how long that will take, I figure I'll bring a book and hang out and maybe buy an ice cream while I wait.

I should get a call from Kinkos/FedEx soon because the guy said they would be doing interviews late this week. It's also only part time but it's one of those jobs that I could use if I applied at another Kinkos--same with the Petco job because it's all corporatelike.

So Kinkos and Petco both involve uniforms which is kind of lame but also good given my very limited wardrobe (whatwith the running from home three weeks ago and only bring a few things under the impression I would be returning in the near future) and I could totally dress like white trash at Tuesday Morning. The bead place would require some level of sophistication.

I really want the beadshop job because the classes sound awesome and if I was really lucky and whined about the commute I could maybe transfer to their other shop in Berkeley which would be totally doable.

Anyway, me, jobs, hopefully I'll get one of them and be able to start working soon because I'm running out of time to earn money--school starts in five weeks.