Job Thingy

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I have an interview tomorrow at a bead store--wish me luck. It would be ideal because it's not as far as most of the other places that I applied and bead shops are notoriously quiet and lacking in the busy aspect which would be excellent.

I also have to go apply at Tuesday Morning, which I'm going to do earlier in the day because it's not only farther but involves some drawn out application process, aside from all the busy streets I'd have to cross I wouldn't mind working there either.

I need to get out of my sister's house because I'm spending all of my time with the little teacup chihuahua and on myspace.

Oh, and I need a job because I need money....


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Good luck! Indifference is

Good luck!

Indifference is the strongest force in the universe. It makes everything it touches meaningless. Love and hate don't stand a chance against it.

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can i eat u'r chihuahua?? oh

can i eat u'r chihuahua?? oh good luck with the interview!