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"the truth will set you free" ah the famous line. & its true. never would've thought that all those damn movies or weird shows actually had its purpose in life. Believe me; things aren't as they seem or how they are portrayed. So why listen to others when you can do your own thing and find out by yourself? Think for yourself. You are living your life, not anybody else. Be Proud of who you are.

Mistakes, Problems, Crisis's, Issues, & or Dramas are just the little things in life. The big thing in life is YOU. yeah. we may have relationship problems, friend issues, a fashion crisis, or "that girl was talking shiit" drama. but don't sweat it. it comes and goes. its a dent (or puka) in the road. all it needs is a little patience & guidance to be patched up.

"live life to the fullest". listen to what your heart says, not your head. 'cause if your heart is saying that you miss him/her but your head is saying that your not. who hurts the most? A lesson in life: Think before you act. no matter how long it takes you to realize the answer, if it is meant to be then they will be waiting. Don't be sad that its over, be glad that it happened & that you were able to learn from what went wrong and that you can do better in the future.

Love, Success, Faith, Happiness, & Truth are all earned in time. they are necessities that help us figure out who we are and what we need to fulfill our life & our existence.

love; [takes our patience] success; [takes our strengths & goals] faith; [takes our inner being] happiness; [takes our fears & weaknesses] truth; [takes everything & anything we got whether we want to give it or not].