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I just can't stop thinking of my teacher the one i love as a friend she has helped me so much and in an effort to try and be less dependant and non-reliant on her emotional needs and my therapists. I declined to go to summer school which i usually go to just to be able to talk and just be around her. She has been my guiding light the one who helped me out of that dark tunnel. The first person who made me feel loved unconditionally and actually loved back for the first time. I have known her for 3 years now and its hard not being able to talk to her because everyday we would have a small or whatnot conversation. All my friends have been busy so i am left sitting at home thinking of all the people i miss.

I am getting a outside school therapist so i can learn that i can live without them. I have a dependant personaluty as my therapist at my school says and i believe her totally. I am very clingy i attach myself to people like i've done to my teacher but they all understand im open with them and my therapist so they are helping me be less dependant sorry just needed to rant on all the things bouncing around inside my brain.