making fun of me because i got raped?

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well i got raped about 2 years ago and i never told the police or nothin i know i should have but i dont want to and well i told my friend kristine and started being rude and doing alll these other things and she hates me now and my other friend is lying and saying she was raped becuz 4 some reason she wants me 2 feel sorry for her and im not wanting anyone 2 feel sorry for me and well y are my friends (ex-friends now) doing this to me? and one more question why do i have scars on my thighs from when it happened? and just so u guys know i dont know who did it becuz well that night i dont even know what happened i just woke up and i was laying there and i was like naked and it hurt "down there" and my heymen was broke and other things that proved it but my wrist had like bruises on them... and i havent told anyone.... and i dont know what i should do.... becuz for the past 2 years iv been trying 2 denie that i was raped but i know i was and like there were like bruises on my wrists and ankles..... y? sorry this is so long!!

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and iv always been coforatble

and iv always been coforatble talking about sex and stuff until now. y did it take me so long 2 get upset? and i mean im not even horribly depressed right now WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME?

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Its probably a good thing tha

Its probably a good thing that you aren't horribly depressed about it right now because rape ruins a lot of women's lives. It might just be repressed or something though....maybe you should talk to someone. Easy for me to say, I know...Seriously, I don't think I would talk to anyone, I wouldn't want people to know. But it can cause serious psychological damage if you keep it in. Better to get it out now before it hits you hard and starts to affect your life. Even if you were drunk or on/got slipped some drugs, it is not your fault. I'm really sorry that that happened to you.

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thanks! and i dont know what

thanks! and i dont know what the hell happened cuz i was just at home that night and i dont remember what happened that night all i know is that i woke up like that and stuff so i dont rreally know and damn i havent slept for 3 days lol

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If you were raped you still

need to tell someone like police...
You say you were asleep...Drugged?
You were sore down there...forced entry
and more...You were a minor I assume at the time
that makes it child abuse,,,child indangerment,,,
person in position of trust violataion...
and lots more...YOu have seven years to do something
about it under KS law...Get moving Girl...No One should
ever go thru that. Tell your mom...She will get mad at
you yes but it is because you waited so long to tell her
What type of relationship do you have with other members]
of the household...IE: Dad, Brother, Brothers friends..Your friends that are male...etc...Are they all good? Any criminal history on any of them...I ask that because yousaid you were home alone
and woke up after the rape with no memory of it....Memory blocks
are common on this type of tramma. You need to see a
shrink to get it to come out and find out who did this
horrable thing to you...
You dont need to be abused or misused...You are
a woman...You are a human...Both good reasons to
get to the bottom of this terriable crime to you.
E mail me direct if you want to talk more.
at " "

P>S I was a cop and am now a minister so I can help
you out...
Genius is not a sign of intelligence, but rather
that of common sense.

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but i dont know what he look

but i dont know what he looked like so what im just gonna go up 2 the police and go "hey i wwas raped but i dont know that the idiot looked like?" yeah that wouldnt work lol

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and i started to cut

and i started to cut my shoulders and i like it for some reason and i have alot of cuts on my shoulders from doing it....

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Maybe you should find someone

Maybe you should find someone "confidential"to talk to....this is like the worst thing next to death that can happen to a person...It would probably be best to find someone to help.

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d but i cant talk 2 anyone of

d but i cant talk 2 anyone offline about it!

SilentBlue's picture is really hard to g is really hard to get confidential help about problems without paying a whoole bunch of money. This is very serious though. It isn't good to hold something like this in and keep as a secret.

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i know its not good 2 keep it

i know its not good 2 keep it bottled up like this

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Maybe take Oldfox Bob up on h

Maybe take Oldfox Bob up on his offer to talk about it since he has experience with this kind of situation.

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i know iv been talking to him

i know iv been talking to him throught email

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Thats good. Hopefully he can

Thats good. Hopefully he can help you out. Being raped is like my biggest fear, I can't imagine how you must feel.

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yeah hes kinda helping

yeah hes kinda helping

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If you dont want to go to the

If you dont want to go to the cops, at least go to councling, they can help. If you want help telling your mother, dont tell her why, just tell her that you want to talk to her with the phsycitrist (i cant spell sorry!) This way, you can go in first, tell him what happened and that you want him or her to be there when you tell your mother. He will help you and her go through this together... Plus, he can give you advice on talking to the cops.

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"Don't let sad people make you sad, let happy people make you happy."

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Why dont you confront them an

Why dont you confront them and ask them what's wrong. like,"Is there a problem? why are you like that?" and other things like that. and if they tell you that you getting raped is the problem, tell them that getting raped doen't make you less of a friend, right? I dunno if this is a good advice or what, but i hope this helps.

and remember, you can live without them. but can they live without you? haha

Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names won't hurt me!

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oh my fucking gosh im sooo st

oh my fucking gosh im sooo stupid god i hate myself! i jst relized who the fuck raped me!! it was my step brother omg who could i be so stupid!! i have myself augh gos im sooo retarded

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Many thanks for the interesti

Many thanks for the interesting site. Absorbing articles, rich archive. Will be back soon by all means!:)

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i no how u feel cos my bro raped me it was horrible