My Lullaby

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Moonlight projects her misery on my window pane
Faint light accompanies me in this lonesone darkness
To tell how she sold her soul
To become slave of the abandoned companionless

Make the world sleep
In this forsakened ruins
Cast aside the afflicted affection
Is this home I am grown

I'm so alone
But leave me be
Don't join in hurting me
Having not cuts but I bleed

This blood does not stain
But I silently scream this agony I feel
You don't see my pain
No you don't
Just for the reason no blood spills
Just for the reason it's so real

Have me your calmness
Share me your serenity
Have mercy in your majestic peace
And slowly return me my sanity

Sing me your lying lullaby
Nurture me in your heavenic hell
Apologise for your last deceiving dream

So that my wound is numb
Make me blind to my painful passion
I can sleep another night



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"Life is what happens while you are busy
making other plans."
~John Lennon

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