New One Yes!!!

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ok well im over my writers block i guess ive gotten my inspiration from my sexuality which is great i think so im gonna post 2 rite now.

"hey Are You Gay"

It started so young the words,hadnt even formed on the tip of my tongue.
I was gay and i thought it was jus kids play. I didnt realize the words till my firt chords. I left it alone jus shut dont the tone. Untill one day i friend asked "hey are you gay?"

ok that one was kinda like a one i would show to people who has known me all my life or ive told bout my self alot let me explain parts:"I was gay and i thought it was jus kids play" which means me and some friends would play house."I didnt realize the words till my firt chords" i didnt realize the word till 5th grade when i fisrt started playin instruments and the rest is a friends asked me the end of 6th grade year "hey are you gay"

Chioce & Fad

Somepeople say its a fad, Somepeople say it not by choice. So tell me is it a choice, if you always was the boy, is it a fad to want to touch the heart of a girl, is it a choice to have your heart hurt by reality, is it a fad to like to be called fag or dyke, is it a fad or choice to be scared of who u are cuz of bigotry?

that was a rough draft so tell if ya like it and ill turn it into a final copie or tell me if it nedds work??