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I can't believe this!! I actually got to see an LGBTQ movie!!

My dad and I went to Blockbuster, and he told me I could pick out one movie, and I found the movie Imagine Me & You, AND HE LET ME GET IT!! He's asked me to tell him about the movie later, but oh well. I just watched it, and OH MY GOD it was so freakin' COOL!!

I just loved seeing someone I could actually relate to!! I could relate to both Piper Perabo and Lena Headley's roles! And it was such a wonderful romantic movie, too. I was sobbing like a romance-obsessed ditz at the ending. I just have this warm and fuzzy feeling inside of me and it feels so great!

What is this warm and fuzzy feeling anyways? Oh, right...it's hope. Maybe I can get more movies like this later on, and maybe I can end up happy with the girl of my dreams someday. Ah, the fuzziness...this is better than hugging any teddy bear... I LOVE this feeling! :) ...even though it's making me write journal entries with way too many exclamation points.


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Yay! It's nice isn't it? I re

Yay! It's nice isn't it? I remember the first gay book that I read. Hold on to the warm and fuzziness!

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aww yay how cute was that movie! I snuck out to the video store and borrowed it the other nite, hehe real sweet and I got that warm fuzzy feeling too, love those sorta movies :D