Ok Only have 2 days left so i need yall replys

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ok wat happens after u tell someone u like'em and they dont like u bak cuz like im tellin my bestfreind and she knows im gay and yall but i really dont want to lose our friendship and im sick of likin her and not tellin her...and like when school starts i plan on goin on a major comin out fest but want to tell her before that ap thats why i need to know wat happens after u tell someone u like'em and they dont like you bak...plz help


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I told my best friend that I

I told my best friend that I had a crush on them. But he is gay so he didnt have any feelings back. But, I waited till I knew all my feelings were gone for them. I wrote them a long note about it. He gave me a big hug afterward and once all our secrets were out in the open we became closer. I'm glad that I did it. He never uses it against me. Every once in awhile he will pick on me about it like I pick on him about other stuff. but he knows that I dont care. We pick on each other all the time then laugh about it. I hope that things work out!

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yea. I really liked my frien

yea. I really liked my friend and she was a lesbian too but was quite a bit older than me and was in a serious relationship already. I just recently told her my feelings for her (of course I waited until my feelings were over). I found it easier to tell her after my feelings for her were gone probably because I wasn't so vulnerable to her anymore. I ended up writing her a big e-mail about how I felt when I was really drunk and she sent one back saying she felt that there was something going on with me but she just thought we were very close friends. She wasn't disappointed in me though.

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I've had a few crushes before

I've had a few crushes before, but I've never told any of them. So I wouldn't know. But you should hope for the best, but brace for the worst. (I heard that somewhere, and it made a lot of sense to me. And it seemed fitting here so yeah...)

She'll probably say she's flattered and still be friends with you if she dosen't like you back. But I can't garuntee what her reaction is going to be. Let's just hope it's a positive one kay? Good luck! ^-^