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Rofl omg I found this tape that me and my brother made like 5 years ago. We used to record random tape stuff which I pretend to act like a host for a radio station and we play like music, read stories or immitate advertisements. Omg I'm like listening to it now it's so awesome! I can't believe I said those things I said in the tape though o_o.. I'm like so hyped up, random, retardedly acting and carefree in it~ And my voice hasn't broken yet it's so hilarious >_< it doesn't even sound like my voice...

lol omg tis is the best tape eva


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Yeah I've got wierd tapes like that. They are damn cool (if with squeaky voices)

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that's awesome dude...i remember my sis used to make stuff like that on our old recorder thing...ahh, good memories...glad it made u laugh how's the country of taiwan??? lol, are u still over there? later Max,
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