OMG NOO!! plz help i need advice SOOO BADLY this is a cricus (sp?)

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omg omg omg! my 18 year old sister is pregnant! i just found out on her myspace she metioned it on a blog and she doesnt even know that i have an myspace and can see hers and she hasnt told anyone and i cant tell anyone and she just broke up with the dad ! im reading this blog where it asked her these questions and im reading it now and OMG! she used to smoke! she never told anyone that im like about to help and it doesnt help anythat she wanted to be a virgin till marrige and a question asked her about sex and she was like " i love sex" i dont really care about the sex thing but SHES PREAGNANT AND USED TO SMOKE! and she drinks and she is on drugs not legal drugs i think its meth shes doing and omg what do i do im about to faint! she is one of those ppl who it doesnt show that they are preg she is like a twig (she weighs 120 pounds) but she doesnt look preg omg she could have just gottin preg omg whaat should i do PLEASE HELP! omg im sorry this is so long but omg im about to scream

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OMG NOO!!! no this cant be ha

OMG NOO!!! no this cant be happening i just found om her myspace a pic of her baby! her name is emma she even said it was hers on it (she doesnt know that i know or anything) and she lives in a diff city and we only see eachother like every few months ok now im about faint omg this is to horrible to happen this just can not be happening mabey my 20 yearr old sis knows omg! they both go on eathothers myspaces so she must know! omg why didnt she tell anyone omg!!! sarina (my sister that had the baby) only just turned 18 she is to young to have a baby what about her grades,school,finding a colledge! omg its gonna ruin her life i think the baby is about a month old and OMG i just relized it why didnt i notice it augh im such a loser her breasts have gotton much bigger than they did the last time i saw her cuz she was like flat chested but she has pretty big breasts now omg this cant be happening ok im gonna go try to go 2 sleep and hopefully wake up and relize this is all a dream!!! bye i still need help though!

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hmm leave the worryong to you

hmm leave the worryong to your mom n dad, keep it quiet tho.. dont judge her, theres a reason y she didnt tell u....

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Ok well then I have a question>>>

Does your sister live at home with you?
Do you live at seperate places?
Other wise it would be very hard to not show
being preg...How long ago was the last time you saw
her? A lot of people do put "false and Hopeful" things in blogs.
So....Hopefully this is the case...
You said you saw a pic of the baby? It is very hard
to hide that sort of thing from mom and dad
I can assure you...Someone would know...but why
they didnt tell you I cant figure out...Try
writing to her on her "myspace" blog as a comment
and stay aloof...Do not let her know it is you.
(open a new myspace account if necessary)
ask her how "her sisters and parents took the news"
Hard drugs like meth are indeed bad for anyone who
is PG but the child does not always turn out with
problems...that is mostly very hard stuff like
Hope that is the any need to
calm down and think things out. Then plan a course
of action to take...Hint to mom and dad about what would
happen if she were to get preg and have a baby...
what would they do since a "female friend is that
way from school...(pick some name that is fictious to give if they ask) Tell them it is NOT you since some will assume
your talking about yourself...This way you might find out
more info from them...
again just remain calm the end of the world is
not at hand...Good luck "auntie"
Genius is not a sign of intelligence, but rather
that of common sense.

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thats what im going to do wit

thats what im going to do with the myspcae thing ill email her saying "thats a cute baby in that pic is she yours?" and i have calmed down alot and no she
doesnt live with us its very compecated but she is my half sisterwe have the same moms but not the same dads and she lives with him in a different city andhe wouldnt notice becuz he gets drunk EVERYNIGHT and doesnt really care like she got her tongue peirced and he didnt notice and she does things like that and he doesnt care and my parents are divorced FYI anyways im not gonna talk to them about it until she tells me if it is hers or not god im hoping its not!lots of love,


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first thing, calm down. secon

first thing, calm down. second thing take long breaths :P.. stay calm, and yes, she is your sister, she is only 18, and her education is going to b tuff to finish it, but if she is strong she'll get though it, and the baby prolly will have some problems with her, if your sister is taken myth... just calm down.. you'll be alright. I promiss

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