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A friend of mine's in Lebanon right now.
For those of you who don't know, that worries me because the State of Israel just declared war, blockaded the ports, and has been bombing it for the past couple of days. More than 30 civilians have been killed so far, and an Israeli general told Ha'raetz (an Israeli newspaper) that "nowhere in Lebanon is safe."
God, I hate Zionism.


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sux dude...

I'm sure ur friend will be fine...still, it is a shitty situation to be in...try not to worry too much, I'm shure he'll be fine...that fucking war is soooo stupid...Israelites and palestinians just need to work out a final solution and co-exist peacefully...Shit, they did it in Liberia during their civil war, which lasted 14 years, why can't they do it there? It's all the damn U.N.'s fault for dividing it according to what they thought was fair in the fifties...they brought these conflicts on...In my mind, all it is is pointless, relentless bloodshed and violence, but sadly, in politics, war is sometimes the answer...

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yes I understand your worries

yes I understand your worries. I hope he is okay and will continue to be okay. Can't you reach him somehow, per e-mail or phone?
I am also worried about the developments of the last weeks and especially days there. (also Gaza).

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Actually, i dunno how i can h

Actually, i dunno how i can help if i were in your shoes, though i really would pray hard for him- that he would be protected and all. i mean, when all else fails, that's the only shield and weapon you have- prayer

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Yeah Israel's actions are unjustified and unmerciful but the US will do nothing to stop them. Hopefully the UN will finally be able to do something, but knowing the US we'll probably veto any proposals for intervention. Stupid vetos. Stupid US. Try not to worry to much about your friend! I'm sure they will be ok.

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meow i'm from israel, think y

meow i'm from israel, think you guys are buying a little too much into very biased media coverage, but i'm not getting into it all. i hope u'r friend is ok, it's never nice when innocent people die, not on either side