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Job bad. I didn't realize they were hiring me as main cashier or that I would have to work three 8 hour shifts for three days in a row and call it my training. It's not too bad, I just have a 25 min walk both ways--which should hopefully get me in better shape and is actually kind of relaxing--and I felt really incompetent today because I had never worked a cash register and my training turned out to be being main cashier. It's amazing how busy the place for such a small petco store, it's kind of like working at a super busy grocery store, except there are a bunch of returns and the check out person (me) is super incompetent, slow, apologizes a lot, and whimpers.

The colleagues are pretty nice though and they said I did well so hopefully it won't always be so stressful and intimidating.

I want a snuggle. I just took a shower and I'm all alone and I want a damn snuggle and a treat for working so hard and not disappearing forever when I took my lunch.

Work is hard, but $8.00 is better than nothing. I want sleepy. Love me.


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im right there with you

jc penney. girl im right there with you you have no idea. lol im feeling the pain. last week i worked 4 days of 9 hour shifts. im almost ocmpletoly dead and people there are all made about sales not being on anymore. grrrrr but hey work is money and money is money so there you go. i feel the pain though

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