Pride Fest/Prom

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I think the last time I posted was a week before Pride Fest. That was a while ago. But I haven't had internet in a while so this is really the first time I've had to update. Pride Fest was amazing, all the people there, the freedom. I felt alive, at home.
I learned about a local organization that well the best way to describe it is, Growing American Youth is a place where young people can go when they have a problem. And they don't have to meet any criteria as being gay, straight black, white or anything like that. They only preffer that you are under the age of 21. I went to a meeting with Loren it was really awesome. They were celebrating the turnout of Pride Fest with a pizza party. But the twist of it was that Julie Shore came and played a private concer for us. She was awesome.
Prom is a little different. I had never been to anything like it, I didn't know what to except. I am going to be a freshman in highschool this year and I didn't attend any of the school dances in middle school.
I dressed up in a new black dress, heels and my newly dyed pink hair. I went with Sid, other than that I knew close to no one but a few from group. I danced all night(with no one in particular). If you want the real deal though you might want to PM because yea only a few things of that night can be recalled at the moment. -
Oh, and if I didn't mention this already, it was glbt prom, I just wanted to add that so no one is confused.