Religion and Gay Dont Mix!!

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ok so here a thing i been thinkin bout so i jus sy itll how can it be a sin to be gay if you didnt chose it i mean come on my gayest memory goes back to when i was 5 and ive try to deny it but it jus feel like im lyin to myself if i deny it so know im not but its hard to accept it when ur fathers a pastor and ur constanl battling agaisnt myself or religion and it really doesnt help to add to the fact that im not sure if i believe in god but im scared that if there is and im gay i wont go to heven but still i cant live a life thats a lie to myself only to find out theres nothin left so thats why im so confused


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yeah, it could be tough to ac

yeah, it could be tough to accept it if uve grown up in such a religious home, and it would be hard to come out also...

"Never apologize for saying what you feel. It's like apologizing for being real."

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Hey, no worries!

The relationship between God and you is... between God and you. If you want God to accept you for who you are, then he'll accept you. God doesn't force you to listen to the church or follow the church... it isn't required. I'm not Christian, but enough of them rant at me everday that I know how you must feel.
Have a better day!
-Bryce Williams

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As a minister let me tell you one thing

God makes no mistakes...He made you...You are not a
mistake...You are supposed to be just as you are..
You dont choose to be gay you are made that way by
God...So...Enjoy who and what you are...
Live life to the fullest...
and are always loved..
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that of common sense.

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"Neither Jesus, nor Paul, nor

"Neither Jesus, nor Paul, nor any of the New Testament Scriptures imply that Christians are held to the cultic or ethical rules of the law of Moses. Paul clearly taught that Christians are no longer under the Old Law (Galatians 3:23-25); that the Old Law is brought to completion in Christ (Romans 10:4); and its fulfillment is in love (Romans 13:8-10, Galatians 5:14). Jesus did deal with human sexuality in an open manner. He affirmed on one hand the goods of marriage, but also declared marriage is not for everyone (Matthew 19:3-12). Furthermore, the Bible does not record one word spoken by Jesus condemning homosexuality. " this is from the site..

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This is all true; Leviticus a

This is all true; Leviticus and such don't apply at all to Christians (which is funny, because Christians cite that book and others that contain the law of Moses as somehow indicative of their faith) . . . however, Paul himself says, very explicitly, in Romans, that gays (men at least) won't go to heaven.

However, Paul was also a crazy zealot, and he converted because he was a Roman who had killed a large number of people, predominantly Christians. Of all the books in the New Testament, Romans is probably my least favorite (and the most self-righteous and contradictory). Obviously, you can't just discount books because you don't like them, but most of Romans is self-congratulatory bullshit and empty bravado . . . remember it was taken from letters that Paul wrote to the Romans to try and convince them of the righteousness of Christianity, so, for the most part, it's him bragging about how awesome and moral his religion is, and how depraved and unenlightened the Romans are (after all, he was a Roman, so who better to tell them?).