Rock bottom

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I always seem to be giving out when i'm on here,so I do apologise but currently im just angry at the world.
I lost my job because I was being bullied by my boss,and I tried to stand up for myself but it was very
unsuccessful.I wanted to leave there ages ago but my parents forced me to "stand my ground" and now im just
like dammit why didn't I just go before things got so bad.
I'm an adult yet I always do what my parents and family tell me because they think im incapable of making
my own decisions,and this makes me doubt myself.But the events of the last couple of weeks have shown me
that I am better to act on my own gut feelings and do as I wish because im miserable doing what everyone
tells me to anyway.
Its kind of made me realise that I don't even care if they find out that im bisexual.Who are they to judge
me?From this point on I am going to act on how I feel and not have any regrets because I've done as I wanted
This may sound like a complete ramble but its making sense to me,and making me feel better as I type.I have
literally crashed down to rock bottom,its far lower than I ever thought it would be,but now that I'm here
the only place left to look is up.Right now I can just look,it will be a while before I can begin the climb
back up.I think I just need to shut myself away from the negative people around me,so I can start to heal.


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Rants are supposed to make sense. You wanted to get it out and you did, that's all that matters

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"