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I've been thinking of this for a while and I've come to a conclusion. I can't go back to that school. I've got to transfer. I just can't be myself there. I'm very closeted there and people think of me one way. They don't take it very well if I do anything different from what they expect. I'm not going to be able to be out there, especially not next year because my little brother is going to be going there. I just can't do that to him. I could deal with the homophobes but I just can't let my brother go through the teasing. I know that that would happen and I have to protect him. So I'm going to look into it. I know that my mum would be very good about it. Actually, she has told me that if I ever need to transfer that I can. I think that that's all that I have to say. Thanks for reading.


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It's simular here--that's the

It's simular here--that's the main reason I'm not out at would be hell to my brother (who will be at the highschool this year). He doesn't know--my parents don't even know...but I would tell them and then come out at school if I could. My brother and I may be opposites, but we do get along some of the time...and I couldn't do that to him.

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That sounds like a serious mo

That sounds like a serious move then, I have thought about transferring schools a lot of times before just out of madness or feeling like I have no friends, or for whatever unhappy reasons. If you do decide to transfer, I would weigh telling everyone you're gay before leaving and leaving and then telling everyone your sexual preferences. In one way it might be good just to get it out before you go, and people who did't like you or don't like your brother might not have closure or something and just assume you're gay and make fun of it, rather than knowing you are and having nothing to insult you/your bro about. That's really sweet to do that for your bro; I can see ENTERING a new school and BEING gay there and just telling people off the bat being sooooooo much easier than 'transitioning' in high school and coming out after people have known you or assumed things about you.

-J, boy, gay and 16 all the way. Just not out to anyone yet.

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you maqde a good choice

I go to a lovely little right wing concervative school. My dearest friend (there are only like 3) accepted me but faced ridicule, hate crime(to a short extent) and my ex-gf made up a ton of rumors

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So. I've talked to my mum abo

So. I've talked to my mum about it and she's decided that I can't transfer. She seems to think that it's simply a matter of my being closed off to people and that if I force myself to become more social then I'll have a better time. She doesn't get that I want to be out. She seems to think that I can just deal with dating when it comes up, not that I need to tell people and let them know the real me. Sucks.

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