So Close

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I almost told one of my good friends today of my bisexuality but stopped myself.It was on the tip of my
tongue but I just could not say it!The stupid thing is that I know she will not care.We have talked about
bisexuality so many times and how she doesn't really think it matters because its the person you fall for
not the gender.I'm not sure what exactly is stopping me.I hate lieing to her.I think I'm scared of the
final step of telling someone because once I say it I can't take it back.But I don't want to damage my
friendship in the long run by lieing.
I don't know,think I'm just frustrated with myself right now aaarrrrggghhhh!


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If she brings it as much as i

If she brings it as much as it sounds, then maybe she kind of already knows and thats her way of trying to get you to open up and tell her..

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Hey, maybe

she might be bi too...or it wouldnt comee up so much.

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Hey stop beating yourself up!!! You will tell her, you just need to remember that if she is a good friend she WILL accept you, even if she doesn't support bisexuals. Next time you'll do it!

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