the words in my head won't stay put on the page

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god, this is soooo frustrating.

i have a really REALLY great idea for a story. i have the whole thing planned out and everything, but i can't seem to put the words on paper and i don't know why. it seems like i can't translate what i see in my head into words that sound right.

man. this sucks.


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Good Lordette

I understand completely! I'm so sorry!

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Instead of trying to write it in book format... write a script... or draw a comic/manga.

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That's exactly my problem! I

That's exactly my problem! I hate it when that happens. Well, what I do is write bits and pieces down that I know that I can write down, and then I start connecting it all together. I dunno what else I can tell besides I feel your pain. It totally sucks when that happens. Good luck on your story!

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I hate that feeling, I also h

I hate that feeling, I also hate when I think up something that would be an awesome graphic novel (but couldn't make it as a short story) because I can't draw well enough to get soemthign like that across on paper.

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i love ian mckellen oh abo

i love ian mckellen

oh about, like....write down what you can, and then work it over later, or go take a break, and try again later...eating ice cream, peeing, eating fairy floss, drinking iced chocolate or any kind of thickshake and wagon wheels will help a lot!!
take care

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meow he's mine bitch, bring i

meow he's mine bitch, bring it!
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