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So, I told my mom I wanna go to a therapist. She asked me why I think I need it and I told her I’ve been feeling not so good lately and I’ve been having trouble with things I don’t feel comfortable talking about with her or someone else for that matter. So, she agreed that once we come back from our holiday we’ll find one. There’s a friend of hers who’s a psychologist and she suggested him but I said “no


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I'm glad you are going to get some help

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Therapists kind of scare me, no lie. But I'm proud of you for all this, anyways. Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon.

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at least going into therapy was your choice

because i know whats its like to be forced into it (let me think...ive had like 9 or 10 forced least the latest 2 i got to choose who i was going to)

plus the first dude i went to used to be my moms therapist and he was telling her things i said...thank god i didnt say i was gay (even though thats what she wants)

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you juss wanna tell ur therpist that ur gay? save ur money and tell ur school councillor.

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Well, first of all I've finis

Well, first of all I've finished school (I'm a university student) and secondly, we didn't have a school counselor anyway... Yep.

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what do you need to go to a t

what do you need to go to a therapist for neway? i'll shrink ya if yoooo want!?