Think of a Title

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I have been thinking over the last few days and being really open and honest with myself,and I think I have
come to the conclusion that I am bisexual.For so long I have been trying to push myself one way or the other
because I have found it so much more difficult to accept being bisexual than if I was just gay.I'm not sure
why that is,perhaps because I know my parents will find it more difficult to accept me being bi than if I
was just gay.I think this is because they don't really understand it.
I am a girl and right now I think I am more into girls than guys,but I do also like guys.I think I have
tended to be attracted to more girls than guys,but I know I do like both.Its kind of strange,when I
realised I liked girls it freaked me out and I tried to force myself to have crushes on guys,but in the
back of my head there was always this voice saying 'you're gay'.Then when I did actually acknowledge
that I liked girls it was like I tried to force myself to only check out girls because I thought that
if I liked girls then I couldn't like guys.So in the back of mind for a while I have had the thought that
I'm bi,but not really been able to accept it.But now I just feel like dammit yes I like girls and guys and
it feels such a relief to just admit that to myself,and whoever reads this,even though I haven't actually
met you.
Ok so I have taken a step I think to actually really accept this myself.I think it will be a while before
I can actually tell anyone else,but hey I feel like i'm making some progress.


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Hey, good job on accepting yo

Hey, good job on accepting yourself! I know what you mean, bisexuality can be a tough thing to get your head around. Just remember, you don't always need a specific label. You can always go with just plain "queer" until you feel ready for something more descriptive. Whatever works for you, I'm glad you're making progress! :)

*- I'd go gay for Shane. Oh, wait...*-