Thinkin Of Writin a Letter To My Crush

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ok so im thinkin of ritin my crush a letter and i was wonderin should i do it another why or is this rite so yeah i was kinda planin on puttin this in it:

my love is new
my love is naive
my love is shuned
my love is disgusted
my love is happy
my love is facinating
my love is beautiful
my love is exsquiset
my love is original
my love is different
my love is close
and my love is for you

wat u think??


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romantic and movie-like, i li

romantic and movie-like, i like it!


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ill rite all i need was jus one good rep

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all i gotta do is rite it ill put it on when im done so yeah tommorow

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oh! that's really sweet. i li

oh! that's really sweet. i like it! i think you should give it to her.

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I always think the flirting comes after they know you are gay/bi and, even more appropriately, if you know they are. Othrewise, it is a lot to handle at one time.

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IMHO, i think it would be mor

IMHO, i think it would be more catchy if the last line were "my love is you". i mean, it may sound a bit odd and it may seem like it doesnt make sense, but that phrase means that your crush is like a part of you or something like that; like your crush is like the air you breathe,etc. i dunno, but i think it sounds more cute. besides, it kindda rhymes with the other lines

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