This is so gay...

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Okay another of my friend just came out bi... wow omg... my life is getting gayer by the second...

That makes 3 of my very good friends I've known for quite a while GLBT... (plus 2 more that I recently met, bout 2-3 months ago), I mean.. I always thot I'd be the only one! Kinda scary how I assumed their sexuality to be straight... and when I came out omg people started popping up all gay around me lol. Mmm it must be some kinda of karma drawing our gayness together... Mmm

Hurray for queer friends!


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Damn ur lucky. I want gay fri

Damn ur lucky. I want gay friends too! :)

I just want somebody listening to what I say...

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That is kinda gay... literall

That is kinda gay... literally.

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wow, that is

hey Max, that's how's life going? I'm assuming ur back from thailand already, right? message me if ya want....later.

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Yeah you are lucky!!!

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Silence that spoke, and eloquence of eyes."
- The Iliad (bk. XX, l. 315), (Bryant's translation)

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maybe you became friends beca

maybe you became friends because you were subconsiously drawn to their gayness...hmm... going to ponder this. that's really cool though! :) smiles all around.

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Mmm yeah I guess I'm really l

Mmm yeah I guess I'm really lucky... and I'm feeling so happy right now lol... mm I just went back from going to a dance group (altho I'm just there to bum around hah coz I sux)... omg I'm on such a high I don't think I can go to sleep~