What do you think about long-distant OR internet relationships?

they work
3% (1 vote)
they dont work
35% (13 votes)
haha want to find out *jokes*
3% (1 vote)
depends on the situation
54% (20 votes)
other (please explain!)
5% (2 votes)
Total votes: 37


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Well this is really weird but yeah i am thinking about these more and more often, coz im moving to Brissy soon... hmmm! See i like sumone here and would have to leave them if i did hook up with them, long distant relationship...hmm. BUT! im also starting to like this girl in Brissy, shes cute sweet and funny (and adam b4 u think its lisa-marie its not, tho she is all of those things!)shes around my age too..... i could see myself with her.... HMMMM....

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Seen em

I have seen em work, but I can't work out how

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might work might not

who knows, they might work, they might not. you might think you know the person .. but you don't, they might stab you in the back ( in a way) , or the interst doesn't keep going or something. There is always new ppl comming into ppls lives, so that could happen also, and well.. that person on the other line of the e-net.. are prolly going to feel stupid if that happends .. just bcuz they don't really know you in person. I know a few ppl that are arround.. and they got married from the e-net relation ships ( i find that really wierd) .. but. wouldn't you feel stupid to b like. ya. i found my soul mate on the computer. i find that would b kindove wiered.. but.. sometimes they work and sometimes they don't .. just matters what happends in the "actual" world arround you

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I guess it depends.. sometime

I guess it depends.. sometimes I don't get how it works.. but coz I've got a friend who's been in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend she's met overseas... and it's working so it does..

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umm blah blah

NO!!lol...but iv had a few...well more like one cause i usally dont fall for ppl on line lol...but yeah i guess they dont work...for me..any ways...but i still love her lol...we have a good friend ship...hell yeah it rockz lol