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OK, so what’s new with my life?

Yesterday, for the first time in more than a week (yey!), I didn’t dream of George. Instead, I dreamt of a girl I know, Faith, asking me out. And after thinking about it a bit, I said yes, thinking “Yeah, it’s a she. So what? You like both, Billy. Don’t be confused


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Hey guy

Do you use "Advair"? It works for me, I also use
albuterol, and a new one called "Spiriva" It really really
did me good...I too had the bronc spazzzz
But then I also have COPD if you know what that is.
(chronic Obstructive Puliminary De-zzzzzzz's)
Check with your Dr on the Spirive as it is new.
Genius is not a sign of intelligence, but rather
that of common sense.

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i don't believe in signs, if

i don't believe in signs, if i did i'd develope a fucking split personality. what's with u'r asthma? u want me to beat it uP??? i will.

so u like girls now too, i'm crushed, a huge loss to us gay guys, but you know what,
take care
btw billy is a hot name

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Well... Today I'm gonna have

Well... Today I'm gonna have a radiograph at my lungs to see what's going on in there... The doctor said that the fact I have asthma makes this thing I have even worse or sth. I didn't really understand, I don't know doctor lang.

Adam, I never said I liked only guys. I've said from the beginning I'm bi. So, no loss. Of course, my sexuality has nothing to do with my coolness. :)

As for signs, I gotta stop thinking this way. It really confuses me. Life is simple, right? No need to complicate it.

I just want somebody listening to what I say...

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no, life is very complicated,

no, life is very complicated, and that's why there's not reason to complicated even more with signs.

lol, u'r not gay, well, you suck then! and u'r not cool at all! i win!!! woho!
take care, hope u'r asthma gets better soon, my best mate has it, and....actually no that's it