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Woo! Lesbian, Amelie Mauresmo just won wimbledon today. Im so glad she beat Justine Henin Herdenne! That's all...lol...just wanted to express my joy.


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Yay! I was so happy when I saw her win--I was tearing up! Martina Navratilova, also a lesbian, lost in the semis of mixed doubles though and she's retiring so her last appearance at Wimbledon was a loss :(. It's really amazing that she can even get there though...isn't she almost fifty?

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She's a lesbian???

Whoa...that's kind of freaky...I watched part of the match the other day, not knowing it was wimbledon, saw her and thought to myself, "wow, that chick looks like a les"...I dunno why, I just got the feeling she was a lesbian...Guess I was right...

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