wish she was near...

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I miss her so much i used to write here but haven't in so long just didn't feel able to write my feelings down but since now im feeling so lonely ditached from the world. All I know is I need to have her near to me again hear her laugh see that warm smile. Those eyes that caught mine and made me feel safe. Those of you who don't know this is only my friend older who's helped me in my life alot since i met her. I feel so lost without her incomplete.

She's the only person to ever make me fel so safe and loved back so far in my life. I am just missing her like crazy and theres nothing I can do except wait till I can see her again which is when school starts. How I long just to hear her voice and feel complete once again. I know the way I write and word things makes them seem as though they are meant in a romantic sense but they aren't. They are just intense emotional feelings that always seem to be mis-interpreted.

Well just needed to get that out I Love her and miss her like I don't know the words to even express the sorrow I feel from not being around her.