Wtf? Is God playing mind-games now?

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I was walking my way to the gym, thinking about how I’ve known very few guys that I would actually date besides George, when I saw a poster for a book display (?) that had a date on it… George’s birthday. I didn’t think of it as important, of course, just a coincidence. But it did make me think of him. I came to realise that, come the day, I could only date *him*, not any other guy, kinda like Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain.

So, I went to the gym. While I was doing abdominal drills (I don’t know how correct this is, I just looked it up) I saw some guy’s… legs on the mirror in front of me. At that point, let me explain that I’m a legs and face person, meaning I could never date a boy or a girl with an ugly face (which is norm) or ugly legs (which is kinda weird for most). Anyway, most of the guys I see everyday have ugly legs, but this guy… his legs were great. They reminded me of George’s legs.

Later on, I got to see his face. He was really cute. Tall, brunet, with penetrating green eyes… just like George. See where I’m getting with it? OK, so I kept watching him, eating him with my eyes, and as I did, I kept thinking: “Hey, that’s a guy I would date, so it’s not only George!