YAY! Hope!

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I feel like I have a whole new hope and a much better outlook on being gay right now! Someone I know has just recently come out and everyone is responding pretty positively! It is making me feel a lot more comfortable with myself...I'm really admiring this guy right now...and I'm jealous at the same time haha! Because of my mom knowing his mom, she found out and then she was asking me when I found out and if I suspected and stuff and kind of talked about other gay people she knows. Then she told me ONCE AGAIN that if I or my sister were gay we could tell her and asked me if I was a lesbian would I feel comfortable telling her?...I said IF I was, I think I would feel comfortable, yeah. And then she stared at me for awhile....made me uncomfortable. I really do think she suspects it, but I'm not ever planning on coming out to her because she worries enough about me already without adding that to it too. So I had the opportunity to tell a few friends and my mother this past week, but I'm not ready for people to look at me differently just yet. I think I will work on building up my confidence first so I can handle it. It feels good that I have told one friend, but shes the only one I'm comfortable with knowing right now.

So, I am very happy right now and by him coming out it feels like a huge weight has been lifted just by seeing how well the people that are close to me are dealing with it and talking about it. I am really respecting and looking up to this guy right now!


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good news

Hey thats really cool! I know what you mean by feelin happy and stuf because when I found out an old friend of mine was gay and out, I felt so proud and happy for him. So it's a real confidence booster but still it's ok to take your time, it's great that know your mum will be supportive if you decide to tell her.