a awesome poem!

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My head locked in my hands, A single tear,
Loss of emotion but spellbound by fear,
A silent scream, A piecing sorrow,
Wishes of death, a darker tomorrow,
A wounding blade, slowly watch the blood flow,
A shattered heart, God just let me go,
Rip my body open, living to die,
The longer it takes the harder I’ll try,
A blood fever, a long-lost tragedy,
My body turns to stone, my limbs fragile,
A lump trapped in my throat, the end is nigh,
Drop the knife, stare in shock, kiss the World goodbye,
The book of life did not end well,
A guest on earth, now a home in Hell!

and just so yall know... i didnt write this someone else did


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DAMN IT! i keep forgetting pu

DAMN IT! i keep forgetting put put the the fucking poems under poems, gosh! mother fucker.

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haha maybe next time youll re

haha maybe next time youll remember. Its cool i like it. All the poems here are so depressing. Probably because the only good poetry is depressing but whatever. My new years resolution is to add happy stuff from now on. I feel so productive. Whos this by anyway i like their style?

But I cant do the talks like they talk on my tv screen
I cant do a love song not the way you song them to me
I cant do everything but I would do anything for you
Oh no I cant do anything except be in love with you

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well i dont know who wrote it

well i dont know who wrote it, cuz i go to a site that u can like post poetry and like leave comments on other ppls poetry i just fond it and liked it lol

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I love this

what is the name of the site that you find these poems on?

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