A Secret Love

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Your on my mind,
I think of you so much,
Imagine a kiss,a tender touch,
You are always on my mind,
Love Is so unkind.

I know we could never be together,
My feelings are suppressed,
Buried deep inside,
I must forever hide,
That you are on my mind.

I see you just one glance,
And I'm locked in a trance,
I know its wrong,
For me to long,
For you to know my name,
That I'm not the same,
But still you are on my mind,
Because love is so unkind.

I wrote this poem a few years ago,when I was 14 and completely in love with my religion teacher.It was
probably the strongest crush that I'd ever had at the time.I found it today and figured I'd post it,its
kind of cheesy but ah well!


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wow, thats awesome

wow, thats awesome

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Thanks so much :)

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt