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I need some. I can't decide who to take to the pride parade with me. I don't think that I can go by myself, I'm scared, it's my first time and I get lost really easily. I want to invite my friends but I'm a little nervous about that because we aren't very close anymore. Maybe I could get my mum to come with me but that would be wierd too because, well, she's my mum. I want to go so I'm really trying to find a solution but I can't think of much. Any ideas? HELP!


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i went to one a few weeks bac

i went to one a few weeks back and i went with my gay sister...

apparently you dont have one so im not sure what you should do but your friends seem like the best bet

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If you went with your friends then maybe it would be a chance for you to rebond with them if you feel your drifting apart from them.Thats if they are cool with the whole gay thing.
Or on the other hand it could be cool to spend some quality time with your mom,and your lucky if she is so cool with the whole gay thing that she would go to pride with you.
How about if you ask your friends and if they don't want to go,you can always just go with your mom.It wont hurt to just ask.
Good luck making up your mind!:)

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