advice needed

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If it was up to me my mom wouldn't ever know that I (i'm still not sure) but
anyways this past year I was dateing this girl and it was awesome...
exept we couldn't see each other unless we snuck around because my mom didn't like her
and then one day my mom found out that I was with turned into a mess
then me and her ran away together...and then we had to break up...we grew apart because I couldn't
speak to her that much since i had no pone bla blah bla etc. and she was 18 and was 15.... this girl was
and still is my best friend. and now I only talk to her maybe one time a week. It's so hard to do
but I have been managing. My mom found out again that I was talking to her
and she kicked me out of the house...then begged me to come back. and i did since I had no where else
to go. and now she's trying to keep me away from my friends...from the phone
from the computer...and she's even thinking about home schooling me. I'm like loosing my mind
I can't help who I am and she wants me to be someone else. I don't know what to do
I feel so alone at times. It seems as if there is nothing that I can do.
I don't know what to do. I can't live like this any longer.

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have you come out to her?

Your mother that is? This may not be the time to do so if not.
You are really between a rock and a hard place with no where to go.
Are you still in school? If not and you have a job maybe it is
time to look for your own the local gay and lesbian
hot line or center there they can help find affordable housing for gay youth...They can get you food clothing and all...try them...pflag is another good place to talk to...they can help with rent, money food
etc. also...good luck.
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check out the PFLAG website a

check out the PFLAG website and see if there are any chapters in your area. call the gay and lesbian nat. helpline give her the book, "Always My Child."

just try talking to her. let her know you aren't trying to hurt her, and that this isn't her fault. let her know where you're coming from. she probably loves you and wants what's best for you, even if she has a very skewed idea of what that is, it'll probably reassure her if you settle down and talk a little bit.

i know that's not an easy thing to do, and it's not fair that you're in this situation. life sucks, but remember that you're beautiful and we love you. you're not alone when you do this.