advice on some things..

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i'm thinking about starting running for fitness but i don't know how to start. i mean, i know how to run, but i don't want to end up killing myself and never running again. any advice?

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Take into knowledge your limi

Take into knowledge your limits. push yourself to those limits, when you push yourself to that limit daily and when you feel that you can do more, do it till you can't. keep going at that rate. Eventually you just feel good after you run. Oh and music is a good help.

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a few things...

coming from the guy who can barely run a mile any more...
first off, pace yourself...and listen to your body.
second, get together w/ a local group of runners and or joggers and start learning about it...learn techniques, proper shoe fit...stuff like that...
don't go too hard off the start- it will catch up w/ you later...
find your target heart rate and stay within it...
STRETCH!!!! I can't emphasize this one enough...this is the reason I am always so sore and hurting- if your gonna run, you can't leave this step out...

most important-have fun...

what kind of running are you planning on doing?

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Well...really, the best way t

Well...really, the best way to start is to just run a mile sometime. Don't push yourself too hard, though...start like that for a few days, then have a day when you only run a half mile. As you get more fit you can increase it until you're up to 2 or 3 miles. And always leave one day for no running, just rest. Really, it'll be easier than it sounds if you up your mileage slowly.

I'm a track person, though, so I might have a bit of a biased opinion. =/

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If you're going to run seriou

If you're going to run seriously and/or have money to spend, go to a running store and make sure you have the right shoes for your feet. Depending on your arch and other things you probably over or under pronate, (unless you're really lucky)and having the right shoes for your gait (your running style) will reduce risk of injury.

Other than that, have fun. Build up gradually and don't over do it. Stretch, drink lots of water, and give yourself a day off or two. Also, you can vary the distances once you've gotten going, but if you do repeats of short distances one days at a fast pace, go on a longer slower run the next day to give your body more time to recover...Running is a lot of fun, so enjoy!

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you live in brisbane right??

you live in brisbane right?? firstly, go get one of those uber tight little lycra shorta, then buy a huge fucking grey t-shirt that looks like a tent...get a fanny-bag (however you wana call it) and stick u'r fucking ipod in there and run like the wind bullseye! hehehehe!

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Its a lot easier to run everyday or whatever if you've got a running partener so find somebody willing to make that commitment and then build yourself up slowly. Also, if you wanted to start playing a sport that you had to tryout for then you'd get running hard fast.

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When I was in the service we started with warm up exercise
such as streching, jumping jacks, deep knee bends etc.
then we would run at a jog pace for 1/4th mile...we would do that for a full week. The next week we would go 1/2 mile and walk for a 1/4 mile after...third week 3/4 mile and walk for 1/2 mile...
fourth week 1 mile jog and walk for 1/2 mile...
5th week we would pick up the pace for the first 1/4th mile and jog the rest of the mile...Week 6 run for 1/2 mile and jog for the next mile...walk the last 1/2 mile...each week we would run faster the next quarter mile then jog the last mile...until we were running at a good clip for the first two miles and jog the next two...
lost 45 lbs that way..and was in great shape...
now...ugg...fat belly from too much beer and sweetas...
do it slow start and then fast at the end...
work up to not go out and put all into it or you
will pass out, get leg cramps..etc...also drink some quinine
water if you get cramps alot as it has quinine in it which prevents cramps..
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running is actually really b

running is actually really bad for your body, it works you out, but it kills your knees and legs and feet cus its high impact. they have elipticals which is a similar motion and cardio but without the smacking the ground part, which is bad for pretty much all your body

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