Advice PLEASE...How to Tell someone you don't wanna go out?!

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Ok, so about a week ago this girl asked me out. She is nice, really shy but overall not a bad person. I like her, but I don't like like her. And I recently found out she got kicked out of her last school for some suicidal issue...which freaked me out. Now, i don't know how to tell her I don't like her, im afraid she'll do something to herself. Any advice on how to tell someone you aren't interested (nicely) ? Thank you

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Be polite but firm. Tell her

Be polite but firm. Tell her politely that you would prefer to not go. You can also invite her out with a group of friends, then its not a date and its more comfortable for you. and if your a gay guy tell her straight out.

Disclaimer: I cannot be heald responsable for and injuries or consequences caused by following my advice.


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so sorry...just dont mix up w

so sorry...just dont mix up with crazy people...we tend to fuck things up.

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dude like someone else said, dont mix with crazy ppl. lol that girl sounds just like me! mix with us, and...well, you'll start to go crazy as well...
just tell her no, and well, what else can you do, right? just dont be wishy-washy, cuz then she'll think she has hope.
hope it goes ok


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Just don't play with their emotions to make them feel better.

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clean cut and flat out tell h

clean cut and flat out tell her "NO!"....she asks say "i don't like you in that way"... make it very clear to her, people (e.g me) can sometimes hold on to the smallest thing as hope..and it both painful and really redundant, if you want what's best for her, leave her no hope and no doubt that it wont ever happen.

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hmm how about you say t


how about you say


whats with everyone trying to play a game? just say how you feel.

i know you hear me...i can taste it in your tears

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