Ah, an outing at College, I feel so adult

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So I was leaving dinner with A today, A who had spent the entire evening talking about guys and her past relationships and remarking upon the International English First students who live on our campus and so I told her that I would point out their dorm on our way down the hill because it's right on the way. Our conversation went something like this.

Me: So if you want to try and get in, I'll go with you.
A: I do...
Me: Of course I would just be doing it for your benefit because I'm not really interested.
A: Huh? Oh...wait! Do you even like guys?
Me: Um, well, no, not really....
A: So do you like girls then?
Me: Um, sometimes...but it's not really a big deal....
A: (Weird laughing sounds)

We then proceeded on our way. I'm kind of curious as to how quickly this information will travel throughout my dorm, or if it will at all.


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Hey! You came out to her! Goo

Hey! You came out to her! Good job... you have lots of guts to do that! Sounds like it was taken....well?